I’m running for state representative to serve our communities on Beacon Hill by working to...

  • Reduce the Tax Burden
  • Invest in Our Towns
  • Reform State Government

Reduce Taxes on our Families and Small Businesses

Simply put, Massachusetts is becoming a more and more unaffordable place to live and do business. I favor rolling back the income, sales, and corporate taxes to 5%. It will help stimulate the economy and spur job creation.

Invest in Our Towns

The past eight years, local aid has been mostly level funded, resulting in a cut in aid for Barnstable and Yarmouth.

Reform State Government

Beacon Hill insiders do not support limited, transparent, and effective government. Instead one-party rule has given us waste, fraud, and abuse in our welfare system and our Probation Department. As your State Representative, I will be a vocal advocate for good government that serves the interests of our citizens, not the special interests on Beacon Hill.